Brian Rose Baseball

Brian Rose Baseball

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After 12 years of playing professional baseball, my goal now is to give back to our area the knowledge and teachings I learned from all the fine coaches and players that I was blessed to play with.

Baseball is an amazing game filled with ultimate highs and painful lows, which is why so many of us fall in love with the game. Fundamentals and good mechanics are words used every day by our coaches and with hard work, success can be achieved. I am a firm believer that with repetition of proper mechanics, desire, and a little sweat, improvement and success will become clear.

I want parents to feel totally assured that when your kids work with me and my staff, they will be taught the advanced techniques needed to achieve success at any level. The earlier in the child’s career they become confident about themselves, the easier it is to become confident in life. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with each child and hopefully the time spent with my staff will lead your player down the right path, the path to stardom.